Pushups for the Chest, Kettlebells for Biceps

Q: Hi there mate, I am into strength, fitness and physique. My equipment is a pair of pushup handles. I use them for pushups in the hopes of deepening and defining my chest muscles. I seem to think they are better than the standard bench press with weights and bar. The handles are the York variety. Do you recommend them?

Also are kettlebells the best equipment for increasing size of the biceps?

Many thanks for your time,


My Answer: Well Barry, pushup handles and kettlebells are great tools in helping you get a great body. Do I recommend them? I only recommend these tools as additions to a toolbox. You build a house with many tools, right? You can’t build a house with just a hammer alone, but you do use the hammer more often than other tools.

Same thing with free weights. To build up the chest, you’ll be hammering away with bench presses. Pushups are just the finishing touch. In Strength and Physique, V1 I go over a method that uses both bench presses AND pushups to get thick, striated pecs.

Now I consider kettlebells to be a “hammer” for your biceps development. All curling movements are just fancy supplementary tools compared to kettlebell moves, which are your bread and butter when it comes to big biceps. So to answer your question: yes, kettlebells are the best equipment for increasing the size of your biceps.

BUT you are asking the wrong question. You should ask, “What program is the best for increasing the size of the biceps?” What different tools do you need to build your biceps? You cannot build your biceps to their fullest potential on kettlebells alone. Anybody who’s read my article Direct Assault: The “Case” for Arm Training should know this. I devote a whole chapter in Strength and Physique, V1 to selecting effective biceps movements.


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