Training the Long Head of the Triceps

“A quick note of thanks to you for your arm training from your book. I just finished one month of the routine that you outlined for biceps and triceps. The direct heavy work on my bi’s and the work for the long head of the tri’s really ‘plumped’ out my upper arm. I really enjoy the comments from others who noticed.

“I am a 48 year old ‘blinded vet’ who has been training for 25 years. Decent arms but we always want more, right? Thanks for all the useful info.”

D. A.


My Answer: Glad you’re liking the results from the program. If people are noticing your big guns, then you’ve done me proud.


Q: “I know in your articles, that you like the lying triceps extension to work the long head of the triceps. I read [from your articles] that it is better to have the upper arm angled back towards the top of the head, rather than perpendicular to the torso and the extension is also at an angle, rather than straight up.

“So what do you think about the overhead cable extensions, where you lean forward or get down on the ground with a twin pedestal bench, such as the Larry Scott method for the long head. Is the seated overhead extension as good as either of these?

“I saw a photo of you bent pressing an Olympic bar. I also do this for my shoulders and I think it is a great exercise for overall shoulder development.”

B. C.


My Answer: You know, I gave Larry Scott’s kneeling triceps cable extensions on a twin pedestal a try for several months. I ended up using the entire weight stack every time I did the exercise. After several months, you know what I found out? As far as developing the long head of the triceps, kneeling cable extensions just don’t work. Nothing against Larry Scott and his observations in the gym, but that exercise develops everything about the triceps, BUT the long head.

And as far as seated overhead extensions or overhead cable extensions in a lean forward stance, it’s the same thing: great overall triceps exercises, but not good developers of the triceps long head. Stick with the lying tricep extensions and variations.


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