Blending Training Programs

Q: I’m a fan of your blog, and I have the same ‘thinking’ about working out, etc. The Shotgun Method is one I really enjoyed, but since I’m in a fat loss mode, I did a few changes last week. It was a lot of volume, but I’m wondering what you think of that split? I mixed the shotgun with your Warrior Workout for fat loss:

Monday = Warrior Workout
Tuesday = Shotgun
Wednesday = Warrior Workout
Thursday = off
Friday = Warrior Workout
Saturday = Shotgun
Sunday = off

Don’t know if it’s crazy, but on the scale I lost 3 pounds. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Danny, the Rampage


My Answer: Well, Rampage, I’m not fond of blending 2 different training programs. The reason is that if the training programs have different goals, then your body gets confused and you do a crappy job at accomplishing those multiple goals. But if what you’re doing works for you, then stay with it for no longer than 3 weeks and then back off.

Besides, the Shotgun Method is already a blending of 2 different training programs: one focused on bulking (Shotgun) and one focused on symmetry (Troubleshooting). Since the Professional Warrior workout addresses multiple training goals for law enforcement, it also is a blending of different training programs.



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