Soreness Is Not An Indicator of Growth

Q: My name is Ty. Currently I have been following your training routine titled Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph. But for some odd reason my muscles have been acting strange. What has been happening is when I work out, my muscles will give up on the very last set (which is normal of course), but here’s where I’m worried: They don’t get sore during that last set. They just stop and that’s it.

I’ve been getting a lot of calories, at least 4k a day. Mostly from chicken, rice, craisins, oatmeal. And I eat a small jar of organic peanut butter a day for protein. This is because I tend to hate supplements. I’ve talked to some health officials, and they’ve been OK with the amount of protein, but they did suggest that I eat some veggies as well.

Anyways the very next day after my workouts I’m not sore. I don’t get it. I’m pushing very hard, but I’m not sore. Why is this? And on top of that, the harder I work out the more energized I feel. Could this be due to the calories? I just don’t understand why I’m not cramping.

Tyrone F.


My Answer: Cramping? Why the hell do you want to cramp up? Anyway, you’re not getting sore, because your muscles are becoming accustomed to the training. Soreness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting bigger. Soreness, however, is associated with a new stimulus. So if you want to be sore all the time, just change the exercises from workout to workout. Or just buy my book and you will find plenty of training routines to make you sore as hell.

Don’t worry about not being sore. As long as you are gaining in size or strength, that is what counts. And as far as you feeling energized from the workouts, it’s because the rest periods are long (3 minutes) and the number of sets is low (4 sets). Hitting your muscles hard and brief will wake up your nervous system.



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