Ab Training

Q: “Hey, I’m in law enforcement in Las Vegas, and I started your workout Return to Cop Land. At first I was skeptical, because you go against a lot of the training norms. But I have been stuck in a rut, so I gave it a go. Let me tell you: boy did it work for me. I was so impressed, I purchased your book. The only thing you do not really cover is abdominal training, and I would be real interested in what you have to say on the subject matter.”

Thanks for everything,

My Answer: Thanks for purchasing my book. I glad you like the results from the Return to Cop Land article. Las Vegas PD, huh? If you work patrol, then I don’t envy you. I can’t imagine doing a foot or bike chase through the crowds on the Strip.

Anyway, as far as abdominal training I purposely left it out, because I’m not big on ab training at all. You’re more likely to overtrain when you add ab exercises, because there is a large net of nerves in your core area. This is why people feel the wind knocked out of them when they get punched or kneed in the stomach and solar plexus.

I don’t do any direct ab work at all, and I simply tense my abs for multi-joint exercises such as pull-ups, front squats and military presses. Tensing the abs and bringing them in to make your stomach flat will develop a more “cut” look to your abs, IF YOU DIET. The abs will look like they were etched in, rather than popping out. If you do a lot of direct work for the abs, like crunches or sit-ups, then your abs will pop out, and you’ll look like you have rolls of abs instead of carved abs.

In the book, I go over exercise selection where I state that for complete development of a muscle, you only need 2 carefully selected exercises. I go over how to choose these two exercises for each muscle group. The abs are no different. So if you’re hell bent on ab training, then you need an exercise that works the rectus abdominus (the six pack) and one that works the transverse abdominus, which is hidden underneath the rectus abdominus. The 2 best ab exercises for these 2 portions are hanging pikes (for the 6 pack) and planks for the transverse abdominus.


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