Rotating the Wingspan Workouts

Q: “In your Wingspan Workouts article, you don’t specify if all of these 4 shock workouts should be performed in one day or if they should be rotated on a weekly basis? I work each body part once a week and cardio 6 days a week. Example:

Monday – Chest,
Tuesday – Bi’s and Tri’s,
Wed – BACK ,
Thursday – Quads,
Friday – Shoulders,
Saturday – Hams.

“I would appreciate any help you could throw my way about this. By the way I am a 53 year old male.”

Cliff Travis
Gastonia, North Carolina

My Answer: The Wingspan Workouts are 4 separate WORKOUTS. Hence you don’t do them all in one day. You can choose one workout and stick with that for a few weeks, or you can alternate between 2 workouts, or you can rotate among 3-4 shock workouts. The shock techniques are tools in your bodybuilding arsenal to use as you see fit.


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  1. James,I wrote once before to you, and I just got both your books in last week and finished them the same day. Great stuff, totally changed my mind on how to work out completely.As far as losing weight goes though, your article on cardio(a few days ago) says HIIT is the best for law enforcement…I’m really wondering though, what is flat out, the best/fastest way to lose weight, especially stubborn tummy fat. Thanks!-Craig


  2. Well having read my books, then you should know what this means: HIIT, CKD, 8×8. This is simplest and most effective combination of training and diet to lose fat on.


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