HIIT During Decompression Phase

Q: “I just want to thank you for your Strength and Physique Volumes One and Two. I believe your books work, because you are catering to the crowd who unabashedly train for mainly aesthetic reasons.

“Unlike the ridiculous Men’s Health workouts, your methods/principles simply work. I am a medical student and the fact of the matter is that patients unconsciously trust fit doctors. Also, as a young man, I’m still very much interested in impressing the ladies.

“That being said, what are your opinions on performing high intensity interval cardio during the decompression weeks? I understand that the weeks are purposely less intense and so will the cardio take away from the results? I just can’t stomach the idea of non-intense exercise.

“Also, what are your opinions on forearm training? Since I wear scrubs in anatomy lab, I wouldn’t mind huge, bulging forearms. Can you recommend some exercises plus the recommended amount of sets and reps? I am 5’11” and weigh 185 lbs with about 20% body fat. I’m having lots of trouble leaning down. I’ve never seen my abs before, and I’d love to reveal them. I’d greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you.”

Alpert Medical School of Brown University


My Answer: Thanks for the kind words, Larry. Glad you’ve enjoyed the books. If you’re at 20% body fat, then yes, by all means follow HIIT during the decompression weeks. As far as freaky forearms to impress your fine looking lab partners, thick bar training always works. The thick handle is part of the reason why kettebells work so well in developing massive forearms.

If you don’t have access to thick bars, then Zottman curls work well in developing the forearms:


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