Dumbbells Only Training Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Q: “Hi James, I was reading up on some info you had about the three different body types, and how they should workout and eat. Well, I am an ectomorph, and I was wondering if you could give me a specific workout routine?

“I’m 16. My bicep muscle size is about 13.2 inches, and I want my muscles to get bigger quicker. Now what I normally do is workout the upper body one day and legs the next.

“I have some weights I use at home that are only 40 pounds all together, so the muscles I workout the most are my biceps, triceps and shoulders. What I do in my workout routine is pretty intense. It’s like this: using a 25 pound weight I do one set of 12 reps. Then without rest I do my triceps with the whole 40 pounds and do 1 set of 12 reps. Then without rest I use a 30 pound weight and do 7 bicep curls. Then without rest I do the same triceps exercise. Then without rest I use a 35 pound weight and do 4-5 curls and then the same triceps exercise.

“I try to repeat this 5 times and before all of this I do my shoulders which for them I use 24 pounds for each shoulder. My workout for shoulders include doing 17-15-13-12-10 reps of shoulder press. Then without rest after doing each set I pull the weights up to almost chin level, hold it for a second, then let it down. With this exercise my reps are 15-15-12-10-8.

“Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you can e-mail me back a workout routine to help my muscles get bigger quicker with the weights that I have. I was also thinking of working out 3 days a week and resting 2 days in between my workout days.

“Well anyways so thanks again for reading this, and I hope you can send me a routine and more info on this stuff. Thanks!”

-Adam P.


My Answer- Adam, I’m not sending you a routine. People pay for that. But you really should consider buying some more equipment (barbell, weight, bench, etc.) if you want to get bigger: Setting up a Home Gym.


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