Neo-Classical Bodybuilding for Physical Therapy?

Q: I am writing in regards to your book Strength And Physique: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding (Volume 2). I am interested in purchasing it to look at some techniques but wanted to ask if there was any collaboration between any exercise physiologists, physical therapists, or any other advanced educational degrees. Please don’t take this the wrong way in thinking that I am belittling your accomplishments and results. The main reason I ask is that I, personally, am involved in physical therapy and would like to incorporate some techniques into my career, yet I would prefer evidence based research.

Thank you sir for your time,



My Answer: No offense taken, Jonathan. Frankly I encourage my readers and clients to actively research things for themselves and that means validating information sources and confirming who’s an authority. Let me be clear about this, because a lot of clients and readers have this misunderstanding:

A personal trainer is not a doctor, and a doctor is not a personal trainer. A lot of people ask their personal trainers for medical advice, thinking that personal trainers know everything about the body. But most personal trainers don’t know jack, and they certainly didn’t go to medical school. That’s why they’re working at the gym, not at the hospital.

On the flip side, people ask their doctors about preventative nutrition and supplements. They think doctors know everything, because they’re smart people. This is why you have shows like “Dr. Oz” and “The Doctors.” Well they are smart people, but they are only smart in what they’ve been taught. Most doctors are not taught much about preventative nutrition and lifestyle. Doctors are good at diagnosing medical issues and even then, they have a hard time doing that. How many times have you gone to the doctor, and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you?

Likewise, a personal trainer is not necessarily a physical therapist. If you’re looking to purchase Neo-Classical Bodybuilding to incorporate physical therapy techniques, then I would say, DON’T BUY MY BOOK.

Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, and all my books for that matter, are solely bodybuilding books. It is meant to introduce readers, who are already familiar with weight training, to new training strategies and techniques to improve the look of their physique. Nothing more, nothing less.

There are no physical rehabilitation exercises or diagnostic methods in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding. You will find a chapter in both Volume One and Volume Three on postural realignment. Both books have a chapter that reviews gym exercises to improve one’s posture. I’m sure you know that postural realignment is not the same as physical therapy.

I don’t make any references to scientific studies or exercise physiologists, as I am not a scientist writing a scientific article. Much of the theory that is the basis for the Neo-Classical Bodybuilding program is from French researcher Michael Gundill. I have many different influences, however, with regards to training and diet, and I list these influences in Volume One.


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