Biceps Compound Set

Q: Hi James, I love your book Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, although I’m still early on in the routine. I have a question concerning the Insulin/T Workout on page 32. The Arms Superset specifies “lying dumbbell curls to seated dumbbell curls (12-15 total reps).”

Do you mean to say lying curls OR seated curls, or is this a compound technique in which you sit up and then curl?

Let me know! For now I’m just going to do a seated curl and then the diamond pushups.

Thank you!

My Answer: Yes it is a compound set where you perform 7 reps of lying dumbbell curls and then immediately sit up and do another 7 reps of seated dumbbell curls with the same weight. Seven is the target number, but if you can perform more reps on either exercise, then keep going.

With compound sets you want to minimize any rest in-between exercises. To do this, you can use the same weight but move your body position to alter the force curve. So a pair of dumbbells might feel somewhat heavy during lying dumbbell curls, but once you move your torso into an upright position, the dumbbells will feel lighter.

Here’s another example of a biceps compound set where you alter the resistance curve by moving your body position:



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