Reps and Exercises for the Upper Arms

Q: I recently did the behind neck cable curl, and I must say it is a unique yet great bicep exercise that I will include in my bicep workouts. But my question to you: is it better to go light or slightly heavy? Keep in mind I am an advanced lifter.


My Answer: It’s always good to use a wide variety of reps, but the most important thing is to use a weight where you maintain good form. If the weight is too heavy and your arms are moving forward, then obviously you need to lighten the load and concentrate on your technique. I do prefer the exercise in good form for 8-10 reps.


Q: I’m interested in trying your Arm Training Assault program. However, I would be unable to do the seated overhead half press as my gym doesn’t have a power rack. Would it be OK to do this on a Smith machine, or should I substitute another exercise in place?

Thanks a lot,

My Answer: A Smith machine would be perfectly fine.


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