Low T

Q: I’ve got a few questions that hopefully you’d be willing to answer related to ectomorph bulking:

– I’ve lost my sex drive for the past couple of months. Today I got my lab result telling me that my testosterone level is 6 nmol/dL, whereas the normal range is supposed to be 60 nmol/dL or higher (SI units).

– From what I know, low testosterone levels are associated with loss of lean muscle mass and increased fat storage, causing the skinny fat look eventually. I’ve almost lost hope not to mention my lack of sleep as well as decreased energy level. This also causes me to be unable to workout to reach muscle fatigue, which is critical to stimulating muscle growth. Do you have any tips to alleviate this whole situation?

For your info, I stay away from junk foods and always incorporate healthy whole foods in my diet. Some of them are even known to boost testosterone levels (bananas, garlic, onions, red meats, skim milk, oats, A-Z multivitamin, almonds, olive oil, whey protein, spinach, peas, carrots, eggs, kiwis, apples, sweet potatoes).

Thanks in advance. All the best.


My Answer: There are a number of ways to naturally boost testosterone, which I go over in my books Neo-Classical Bodybuilding and Tactics and Strategies.

1) Training- If you aren’t producing much T, then you can force your body to produce more by performing heavy squats or deadlifts. Don’t overdo it though, otherwise you will deplete your body’s testosterone. Once a week of heavy squats or deadlifts (not both) is enough to up your T.

I would also suggest not training longer than 45 minutes and no more than three times per week. Any more than this will deplete your testosterone. The key to training with low T is to train just enough.

The thing is that there are other hormones which govern muscle growth, and you can elicit these other hormones through training. I go over such training methods in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding.

Muscle growth is not just dependent on your hormones, but on your fiber makeup as well. The combination of your T-levels and your fiber type (whether you’re predominantly fast-twitch or slow-twitch) is what determines your ideal type of training. This is what I go over in Tactics and Strategies.

2) Diet- Your diet is OK, but you seem to be focusing on micronutrients as opposed to macronutrients. In other words, you’re focusing on specific foods to eat as opposed to the big picture: how many calories you are ingesting? How much saturated fat are you eating?

Low calorie diets kill testosterone. The bottom line is you should up your calories. You may not need to eat so clean.

Saturated fat is needed for the formation of testosterone. You might want to take in some coconut oil for the extra calories and saturated fat.

3) Supplementation- You might want to look into supplements that naturally boost your testosterone. I would suggest a tribulus terrestris supplement, but that tends to work better for younger guys and not so much for older guys. I have no idea how old you are, but T levels naturally decline with age. There are other herbs that boost T, however, such as Vitex agnus castus and Eurycoma longifolia. Here’s one supplement that contains all three herbs:

Alpha Male.


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