Creating Bodybuilding Programs That Work

Q: I was wondering which of your books (if any) focuses the most on training for ectomorphs?

You requested that I send some back-ground information on your blog’s contact page (but I am not sure it is necessary to my question since I know that I am an ecotomorph).

Sex: Male
Age: 35
Sleep: usually 8-10 hours daily

Eating: I have a tendency to forget to eat especially when I am extremely busy. My eating habits are not the best since I grew up with fried foods, large portions. But I do not eat nearly enough protein. Usually eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and have a tendency towards sugared things.

Exercise: Varies on and off. I am usually either all (too much) or very little. I hike sometimes, sometimes use the treadmill, stationary bicycle, and elliptical machine, and occasionally swim.

Weights: It has been a while since I have done these, so I cannot even tell you specific names of some of the exercises, sets, or reps. But I have a tendency to try to research lifting techniques and get lost/frustrated and lose interest after a while. I can supply more information if necessary about the actual exercises that I can recall.

Medical: have borderline blood pressure.

Thanks in advance,

My Answer: All bodybuilding books to some degree are for ectomorphs, because all bodybuilding books are about gaining muscle. Although all of my books are about muscle building, I would recommend that you purchase my first 2 books (SPV1: The Articles and Neo-Classical Bodybuilding). When in doubt, always start at the beginning with the basics. These 2 books not only present you with a variety of workout programs, but they also explain how to create bodybuilding programs that work. Once you understand what makes a good workout program, then you’re going to be a little bit more disciplined and consistent with your training.


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