When to Superset

Q: I been working with the density and decompression workouts, and I think it is time for a change.  I took a look at the Shotgun Workout in your book, and I think that might be right for me.  I want to gain size but still reduce body fat.  I live over here in PA, and even though winter is coming I don’t want to put on some cushion.  I have a couple quick questions for you:

1)      Is that a program you would suggest I move to?
2)      On the shotgun day you have the exercises broken down as:

A1) Bench press
A2) Deadlift
B) Pull ups

Those are just off the top of my head, but I didn’t understand why you have A1 & A2 then B.  Are they to be performed is superset?


My Answer: That is not how the exercises are listed in the book.  But you can go with that combination.

A1 and A2 mean the exercises are supersetted.  Just make sure you follow the rest periods when alternating back and forth between the exercises.

The reason exercises are supersetted on Shotgun days is that you want to save time.  Shotgun workouts require 2-3 exercises to cover the whole body.  Since you’re using heavy weight and very low reps, you have to rest longer between sets. You also have to make up the volume by employing more sets.

The problem is you have to keep the workout to under an hour.  Any longer and you overtrain.  So in order to keep the workout short, but still perform a lot of sets, you have superset the exercises.  So instead of doing straight sets where you’re resting 2-3 minutes between sets, you can superset exercises and rest 100-120 seconds between sets.  You’re not wasting as much time resting, but you’re still allowing the muscles to recover.

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