Training for the LAPD

Q: I was wondering if you had anymore resources you could point me towards in trying to implement a program for my department that would also include yearly testing.


R. Boettger


My Answer: There really isn’t much out there on physical training programming at police departments.  What I suggest is to figure out what are the minimum required standards for your department and for POST, and then back engineer a program and testing protocol.  Personally I think push-up tests and sit-ups tests are useless.  Skill-specific tests such as obstacle courses, grip tests, dummy drags, wall climbs and pull-up tests are better.

I would also check with different agencies to see what they programs and tests they have.  Good luck!


Q: Hi James! Stayed up reading all your articles. Everything you say makes a lot of sense. Going to buy your books soon.

I’m trying to get in shape for the LAPD and LASD physical agility tests. Do you recommend the LAPD Candidate Assistance Program (CAP) in addition to your program?

To be honest yours makes more sense. I have 40 lbs to lose, and I just passed the written, so I believe I have some time.

Appreciate your advice,


My Answer: I would not suggest that you do my program in addition to the LAPD CAP.  To do two different programs concurrently would overtrain you.  If you have 40 pounds to lose, then I suggest you just stick with the CAP.  The CAP will give you a good sense of what the academy will be like with regards to physical training and discipline.

Best of luck to you!


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