Wingspan Workouts

Q: “Hey James. My name is Andy, and I am a police officer in NYC. I saw your 4 Shock Techniques to Widen Your Back article on My main problem is my back is very weak, and I can’t do more than 5 or 6 pull ups! Any tips on how to strengthen my lats, so I can do more pull ups with my body weight or other exercises to help me improve? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again and stay safe.”



My Answer: Four to five pull-ups is better than none, so don’t worry. At least you have a foundation of strength with which to work on. I’ve written about this before: Increasing Your Pull-ups. For you, the first 2 methods are best suited for your level of pull-up strength.


Q: I am writing you in regards to the post you displayed on It is the Wingspan Workouts plan. The question I have sir is would you recommend doing all 4 variations of the workout in the same day or splitting them up and incorporating them into an already established routine? I really like the look of this workout and cannot wait until the next back day to give it a try.

Thank you for your time Sir.

Have a good day.



My Answer: It’s Wingspan WorkoutS, meaning each shock technique is a workout for the back. What you would do is rotate through all 4 shock techniques.

Be warned: these techniques are brutal. Your lats will be very sore, and your armpits will chafe from the extra width.


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