Cardio or No Cardio?

Q: Hello, I’m a 34 (soon to be 35) year old looking to gain muscle and weight. Although I eat a lot, (at least I think I do) I’ve been at 145-150 lbs for as long as I can remember. I saw your article on and would like to give it a try.

My only question with the pyramid program is: Do I change the weight for each rep? In other words, do I lift the weight 10 times with a certain weight and then 8 times with another weight, and so on and so forth? Or, do I find a weight that I can lift 15 times and do all sets with that weight?

Any help would be appreciated.

– M. Palacios


My Answer: Yes, adjust the weight according to the repetitions. Adjust the weight so that you come close to failure at each target rep.


Q: I’ve been looking into supplements and am looking into the reviews for NO2. I’ve found that a large majority of persons using it don’t see results in weight gain or weight loss, and only seem to feel the effects of a “pump”.

I guess my question for you is, with the increased expansion in the blood vessels (which would be the cause for the “pump”) would it be safe to say that this product would be better used as a way to assist the body in consuming other supplements i.e. creatine, protein, etc? In other words would this product be better used as an enhancer for other fitness supplements as opposed to by itself?


My Answer: Interesting theory, but I would say no. Some people swear by it, and for some people it does absolutely nothing. I always get samples from magazines that I write for, and the NO2 supplements do absolutely nothing for me. No pump for me at all.

Now would the hemodilation help you absorb other supplements better? Maybe, but it’d have to keep the hemodilation up for quite awhile. Besides, effective supplements usually have proprietary delivery systems already, so you wouldn’t need another supplement like NO2 to force feed your body other supplements.

I give NO2 a thumbs down, but I know that a lot of people have a hard time resisting advertising propaganda. “Must… buy… NO2… will… make… me… BIG… BEYOND… BELIEF!”

So if you want to try NO2, then just give it a test run and note the results on your physique and strength levels. Whether or not you get results from NO2, at least you’ll get an answer as to its efficacy.


Q: Hey I just got done reading your Hypertrophy Training For The Ectomorph: The 10-8-6-15 Program. I’m really excited in trying this method, but I was wondering if I should add any cardio to the workout plan?

Thank You,
T. Patel

My Answer: No you should not add cardio to this program. The program is meant to develop muscle mass in ectomorphs, guys who are incredibly skinny. If you add cardio, then you’re adding a lot of physical work that

1) is not going to add any muscle
2) is going to take away muscle if you don’t eat enough protein and calories

So ask yourself this, and be very honest: are you skinny or fat? If you’re thin as a rail, then quit the cardio, because it’s preventing you from gaining any weight. If you’re fat, then you’re NOT an ectomorph and you should be doing a different program.


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