Q: I know that you don’t need me to write anything here, but I figured that I would give you some positive feedback while requesting your free workout. I have volumes two and three of yours, and have found that you really know what you are talking about. I have told my friends and students (I am a high school physics teacher) about the results that I have gotten from your workouts.

-M. Testa


My Answer:  Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad that the workouts have helped you out.  Being a parent now myself, I’ve been showing more concern about the educational system.  My wife works at a high school as well.

Anyway I want to thank you for educating our youth as a high school teacher.  A tough and under-appreciated job, but one that is crucial to our society’s future.


Q: Nice article on ectomorph training. I’ve always been right in the middle. Not a true ecto. My father at 80 is big boned and a former college football player.

Me, on the other hand, never got the height or big bone structure, but have added muscle over the years by experimenting with training programs. For me, less is better. Good article.



My Answer: Glad you like the article, Pat. For natural bodybuilders, less is better, but only in certain parameters. It’s better to train in less time. More volume or more intensity in less time.

Like I said in the article, ectomorphs are essentially beginners. For them, less volume done frequently is the way to go.


Q: Hello. I just saw your blog, which I found very impressive. Very good articles that help people reach out their goals. I read the Hypertrophy routine, and I noticed you wrote that cycling reps within a week is much better than within 2 weeks. We should do like 15 reps on Monday, 10 reps on Wednesday and 8 reps on Friday.

My question is how do I progressively load? Isn’t the mesocycle longer than it would normally be? I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks for the time.

Best regards,


My Answer: Paulo, I’m not sure what’s your question. In the Hypertrophy Training for Ectomorphs program, you pyramid the weight in one workout. I don’t recommend periodizing the reps throughout the week in that program.

You can certainly create a program where you do 15 reps on Monday, 10 reps on Wednesday and 8 reps on Friday. Periodization of the repetitions throughout the course of a week is a great way to add variety in your workouts. Plus it maximizes your muscle growth, because you’re hitting a variety of muscle fibers.

By the way, a mesocycle lasts several weeks to a few months. A microcycle lasts 1-4 weeks.


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