James Chan is a police officer and trainer who specializes in bodybuilding and tactical strength.  He is also a writer for Planet Muscle Magazine.  His latest book Strength and Physique: High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth is available on Amazon.com and as an E-book.


“Since I’ve been working out with James, my body has gone through a TOTAL transformation. I am stronger and more toned than I’ve ever been and since I am seeing such great results, it only motivates me to work out more. James has customized a program for my body with a different set of exercises every week, so I never get bored. I still have areas that need work, but thanks to James, I know I am well on my way to having the rock hard body I’ve always wanted.”

-Sandra Ponce De Leon, host of The Vino Diaries

“I am enormously impressed with this guy: he is a very literate San Francisco cop who provides personal training/coaching.  His blog is awesome.  It’s got short, useful, serious articles on a lot of subjects.  You’ll love it cause he researches bodybuilding programs/techniques devised by past masters (like Larry Scott). Take a look, I think he ought to be better known.”

Bob Vastine, world record holder in powerlifting


“I’ve got to tell you, the workouts have really been useful for all these summer projects I’ve been working on.  Friday, I helped my friend pour 18 yards of cement in his backyard and he didn’t hire enough people so we were working our butts off!  Even though I was a little sore in my rear delts, I didn’t get overly exhausted while I was out there.  Some of the other guys were huffing and puffing and they weren’t even in the thick of the mud. So even though the workouts hurt and I cry and moan, I do appreciate the benefits!!  Thanks.”

“I have gone through all three of your shoulder workouts, and I have to say, ‘WOW.’ This program really works. Even after doing the first workout, I could instantly tell. My striations were popping, my nose was running (always a good thing on shoulder day), and I can start to see the cuts between my biceps and shoulders. I look a little bit wider, making my waist seem even smaller.”

Jonathan Hatchell
Athletics Administrator


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