When I do my YouTube videos, I always try to showcase little known bodybuilding exercises. These are exercises that very few people know about, and yet they’re extremely effective at targeting specific muscle groups or building overall mass.  My viewers always wanted more videos on these hidden gems.

Well guess what?  I’ve compiled these forgotten bodybuilding exercises into a book.  Strength and Physique: High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth is now available!  All exercises work muscle, but not all exercises BUILD muscle. With over 200 photos High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth showcases exercises that build muscle and build muscle in all the right places.

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Neo-Classical Bodybuilding

Design bodybuilding programs to maximize your muscle growth!  Strength and Physique: Neo-Classical Bodybuilding not only provides you with an effective bodybuilding program, but it teaches you how to train for size, symmetry and strength so that you can create your own bodybuilding programs.

You will discover techniques to maximize your body’s natural anabolic hormones: growth hormone, insulin and, of course, testosterone. You will also understand each muscle group’s “personality” and how to tailor your training to develop any lagging muscle group.  This program is tough physically and mentally and is meant solely for the intermediate to advanced bodybuilder looking to build a lot of muscle in all the right places.

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Tactics and Strategies is a bodybuilder’s version of a football playbook.  It’s a compilation of never before revealed training techniques and specialization routines. Tactics and Strategies holds a plethora of muscle-building routines to choose from.

Discover entirely new ways of training in the gym!

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“This book is terrific.  It distills years of experience and research into short sections laying out specific, creative programs for the major body parts, using the best science and advanced training techniques.  Some of them created by the great ‘masters’ of bodybuilding like Larry Scott.  Almost every section has a ‘eureka’ idea that I’m craving to try, like the back trifecta!  The book is much more useful than subscriptions to all the muscle mags.  I only wish I had it when I was a kid.”

Bob Vastine, world record holder in powerlifting

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In Strength and Physique: Training for the Busy Bodybuilder, I’m going to show you the least you can do to achieve mass and muscularity while still living a life outside the gym. It’s meant for the modern day Renaissance Man who wants a phenomenal physique, but also wants to live life and pursue other interests. This book is about maximum muscle through minimum effort.  Strength and Physique: Training for the Busy Bodybuilder will show you how to train specifically and more effectively for a busy and unpredictable schedule.

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Can you build a muscular physique on just calisthenics?

Well of course you can!

Just look at gymnasts: These guys don’t even touch dumbbells or barbells, and yet they’ve got ripped muscularity men want and women swoon for.

Strength and Physique: Bodybuilding Calisthenics is about building muscular size solely through body weight training.

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This report details the physical demands of law enforcement and what are the best exercises to develop the strength and conditioning for the job.

Available on Kindle and as an E-book from Gumroad.


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