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Strength Training for the Professional Warrior

Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph 2.0

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Body Drag Curls with Chains


Behind the Back Band Lateral Raises

A great exercise to target the lateral deltoid head is the behind the back band lateral raise. Band resistance is highest at the top of this movement, so this exercise hits the middle deltoid pretty hard.

Density Phases to Sustain Muscle Growth

The Potpourri Routine

The Potpourri Routine is a forgotten bodybuilding workout that predates the invention of sets. It is the 1930’s version of German Volume Training and was a favorite of John Grimek. In potpourri training, you perform 6-10 exercises for a muscle group, but only one set per exercise.

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In and Out Pull-ups

Carb Restriction for Fat Loss

Stronger, Faster, Leaner

Carb Cycling for Mass

Variations of the Commando Pull-up aka Cliffhanger Pull-up

Here are 5 variations of the commando pull-up, also known as the cliffhanger pull-up:

1) Shoulder to shoulder commando pull-ups
2) Towel commando pull-ups
3) Head banger commando pull-ups
4) Archer cliffhanger pull-ups
5) Traveling commando pull-ups

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