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Variations of the Commando Pull-up aka Cliffhanger Pull-up

Here are 5 variations of the commando pull-up, also known as the cliffhanger pull-up:

1) Shoulder to shoulder commando pull-ups
2) Towel commando pull-ups
3) Head banger commando pull-ups
4) Archer cliffhanger pull-ups
5) Traveling commando pull-ups

5 Advanced Dips

Here are 5 advanced dip variations to build mass in the chest and triceps:

#1 Tucked Dips
#2 Bulgarian Dips
#3 Archer Dips
#4 Typewriter Dips
#5 Assisted One Arm Dips

Lumberjack Press

Headbanger Pull-ups

Headbanger pull-ups are one of the best body weight exercises to build up your biceps. To perform headbanger pull-ups you pull yourself up to the bar and then push and pull horizontally, head in line with the bar. Here are four variations of the headbanger pull-up:

  1. Headbanger chin-ups
  2. Headbanger chin-ups under the bar
  3. L-Sit headbanger pull-ups
  4. Commando headbanger pull-ups, aka Inline headbanger pull-ups

30 Degree Pull-ups

30 degree pull-ups, as known as lean away pull-ups.  Pull to waist and lean back.  The movement is a hybrid of the pull-up and the row.

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