Skinny Calves to Monster Calves

Q: I have really been enjoying your books and making great progress in the gym.  Recently just finished the 14 week mesocycle in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, and I’m very keen to start on the body specialization as I have some weaknesses.

Just slightly confused how to plug these workouts into the density phase.  Are these workouts purely for density phases only?  For instance Chest specialization workout #2: Is that just one training session or added onto the T-boost workout? I guess using the specializations means I’ll be training one more day a week? 

Thank you very much just slightly confused.

Hear from you soon, love the videos too. 

E. Pascale

My Answer: Glad you like the books and videos. As far as the specialization workouts, they are to be used only as a density phase.  Chest specialization workout #2 is one training session.  Workout #3 is the T-boost workout in the chest specialization program.  The specialization programs that are outlined in the book are four workouts a week.

Hope that clarifies.


Q: Hello, I found your books site off an Amazon search and have several added to my Kindle.  I’m in the middle of one right now, and I’m enjoying it immensely.  I was really interested in the High Tension Exercises book but don’t see it available yet as a Kindle book. Any idea if or when it will be???

I saw it available as an E-book from a separate site, but I am pretty sure my wife won’t approve of me paying $25 for an E-book. 😦

Was just hoping it would show up on Kindle eventually???

Thanks in advance.
Scott M.


My Answer: Hey, who’s the boss, you or your wife?  If you want to buy a $25 E-book, then buy it and prepare to sleep on the couch for a week.  It’s worth the investment!  A man’s got to have his hobbies.

All kidding aside, thanks for purchasing my Kindle books.  Strength and Physique: High Tension Exercises for Muscular Growth, however, will not be on Kindle.  The book goes over the same material in my previous books, but has the added info of the exercises.


Q: I have skinny ass calves. When do I work out Calves? Is there a compound exercise that will also work the calves and thigh?


My Answer: If you want to bulk up the size of your calves, then you can use the Calf Specialization routine that’s revealed in Neo-Classical Bodybuilding.  If you want to incorporate the Calf Specialization routine into the Hypertrophy Training for the Ectomorph 2.0 program, then simply train calves at the beginning of each HTE 2.0 workout



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