Carb Restriction for Fat Loss

Q: Just started the third week of your workout plan. Couple of questions, and if they’re answered already on your blog, please point me to the correct post(s).

To start the first week, I used the percentages, but then on each workout, I’ve just been increasing each set by 5 lbs from the previous workout. Instead of bench press, I’m doing the hammer strength plate loaded chest press because I tend to push more with my left side. With the hammer strength, it forces both sides to do an equal amount of work. This morning, I failed at the 6 reps set at 200 lbs and only got 3 reps. What’s the procedure if I don’t get to 6 reps? Should I do the same amount of weight on the next chest press workout, or drop down in weight 5 lbs?

Next question – Next week starts the 5×5 set/rep scheme. Is there a formula/way to determine what my 5×5 weight should be based on what I achieved with the 10-8-6-15?

I’m doing the carb cycling,, high carb, high calorie on workout days, and low carb low calorie on rest days. Weight seems to be stable, but not noticing a reduction of fat. Too soon for results?



My Answer: Three weeks too soon for results?  Yes.

If you want more immediate fat loss results, then I suggest you go all out on a cyclical ketogenic diet.  Carb restriction is good for fat loss, whereas carb cycling is good for mass and minimizing fat gain.

With regards to 5×5 weight, start off with the 6RM and then add on from workout to workout.  If you didn’t make 6 reps with the 200 lbs, then simply drop the weight for next workout.

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